Campus’ or Campus’s?

Welcome to a straightforward guide on understanding the correct usage of “Campus’ or Campus’s?” In this article, we’ll explore the singular possessive, plural possessive, and plural forms of the term ‘campus’ to make it easy for Grade 3 readers to grasp.

Singular Possessive: Campus’s

Singular Possessive: Campus’s

Let’s start with the singular possessive form, ‘Campus’s.’ This is used when we want to indicate that something belongs to a specific campus. Check out the table for clarity:

SubjectSingular Possessive Example
One CampusThe campus’s library is extensive
A specific locationThe campus’s courtyard is beautiful

In these cases, the apostrophe and ‘s’ denote possession by a single campus.

Plural Possessive: Campuses’

Moving on to the plural possessive form, ‘Campuses’,’ it is utilized when something belongs to multiple campuses. Let’s break it down with examples:

SubjectPlural Possessive Example
Multiple CampusesThe campuses’ facilities are impressive
Several locationsThe campuses’ classrooms are spacious

Here, the apostrophe after the ‘s’ signifies possession by multiple campuses.

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Plural Form: Campuses

When we are referring to more than one campus without indicating possession, we simply use the plural form ‘Campuses’:

SubjectPlural Form Example
Many educational institutionsCampuses are diverse in nature
Multiple academic locationsThe campuses are well-connected

In these instances, we use ‘Campuses’ without an apostrophe.


In conclusion, mastering “Campus’ or Campus’s?” is about understanding when to use the singular possessive, plural possessive, and plural forms. This guide, tailored for Grade 3 learners, offers a quick reference through tables, making it easy to grasp the concept.

By paying attention to these possessive forms, students can accurately convey ownership or relationships related to campuses. Whether writing stories, essays, or just exploring language, this guide will serve as a handy tool to enhance writing skills.

The simplicity of this guide ensures that Grade 3 learners can confidently choose between “Campus’ or Campus’s?” in their sentences. Remember this guide when in doubt, and you’ll find expressing possession or plurality related to campuses a breeze!