Community’s or Communities’ or Communities?

In the English language, understanding possessives can sometimes be confusing. One common area of confusion is when to use “Community’s,” “Communities’,” or simply “Communities.” 

In this article, we will explore the singular possessive, plural possessive, and plural forms of the word “Community” to help you use them correctly. Let’s dive in!

Singular Possessive: Community’s

When we talk about something belonging to one community, we use the singular possessive form: “Community’s.” For example:

  • The Community’s garden is flourishing.
  • Every member cherishes the Community’s traditions.

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Plural Possessive: Communities’

Plural Possessive: Communities

Now, let’s shift our focus to situations where we are discussing the belongings of multiple communities. In this case, we use the plural possessive form: “Communities’.” Consider the following examples:

  • The Communities’ collaboration led to a successful event.
  • We appreciate the diverse contributions of the Communities’ leaders.

To make things clearer, let’s use a table to summarize the differences:

Possessive FormExample
Community’sThe Community’s garden is flourishing.
Communities’The Communities’ collaboration was fruitful.

Plural Form: Communities

Lastly, we have situations where we refer to multiple communities without indicating possession. In such cases, we simply use the plural form: “Communities.” Observe the examples below:

  • Many Communities came together for the festival.
  • The connections between Communities strengthen society.

Recap: A Quick Summary

To recap, here’s a quick summary to help you remember when to use each form:

  • Community’s: Singular possessive, used when referring to something belonging to one community.
  • Communities’: Plural possessive, employed when discussing the collective belongings of multiple communities.
  • Communities: Plural form, used when referring to multiple communities without indicating possession.


Understanding the correct usage of “Community’s,” “Communities’,” and “Communities” can significantly enhance your writing. By keeping these distinctions in mind, you can communicate more effectively and avoid common grammatical errors. If you ever find yourself uncertain, consult this guide for a quick reference. Clear communication is key, and mastering possessives is a step toward achieving it!

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