Understanding “Agency’s,” “Agencies’,” and “Agencies”: A Simple Guide

When we talk about the words “Agency’s,” “Agencies’,” and “Agencies,” it can get a bit confusing. Each form looks similar but has a different meaning and use in sentences. This guide is designed to make it easy for you to understand the difference between these three forms. Imagine you have a box of crayons.

Each crayon is a different color. Here, each form of the word “agency” is like a different color used for specific pictures. Let’s dive in and make it as simple as understanding your favorite cartoon!

What Are We Talking About?

First, let’s understand the word “agency.” Think of an agency as a group of superheroes. Each superhero has a special job, like helping people find houses, jobs, or even making sure the toys you love are safe to play with. Now, depending on what we want to say about these superheroes, we use different forms of the word “agency.”

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The Different Forms

To understand when to use “Agency’s,” “Agencies’,” and “Agencies,” we’ll look at a table that breaks it down. But remember, it’s like choosing the right crayon for your picture.

FormMeaningExample Sentence
Agency’sBelonging to one agency (singular possessive)The agency’s goal is to ensure safety.
Agencies’Belonging to more than one agency (plural possessive)The agencies’ leaders met yesterday.
AgenciesMore than one agency (plural)There are many agencies that help people.

When to Use “Agency’s”


“Agency’s” is used when we are talking about something that belongs to one agency. Think of it as one superhero’s special tool.

Example in a Sentence:

  • The agency’s mission is to protect the environment.

This sentence tells us that one specific agency has a mission related to the environment.

When to Use “Agencies’”


“Agencies’” is for talking about something that belongs to more than one agency. Imagine two or more superheroes sharing a secret base.

Example in a Sentence:

  • The agencies’ common goal was to promote peace.

Here, we’re saying that several agencies share the same goal.

When to Use “Agencies”


“Agencies” is simply the plural of agency. It means we’re talking about more than one agency. Picture a team of superheroes.

Example in a Sentence:

  • There are several agencies working on the project.

This means more than one agency is involved in the work.

Easy Tips to Remember

  • If it’s one agency owning something, add an apostrophe + s (‘s).
  • If it’s many agencies owning something, put the apostrophe after the s (s’).
  • If you’re just talking about more than one agency and not what they own, just add an s.


Remember, “Agency’s,” “Agencies’,” and “Agencies” are just like choosing the right color for your picture. Each one has its own place and use. Next time you’re writing or talking about agencies, think about whether you’re talking about one superhero’s tool, a shared base, or a whole team of superheroes. This will help you pick the right form to use. And just like that, you’ve mastered a tricky part of English grammar!

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